It’s described as an “anti-crisis” brand. The name itself meaning—Beyond Joy. And indeed for lovers of heavenly heels, Parisian brand Abigail, is attracting a loyal audience due to its eye-catching designs inspired by pop art and the creator’s European and Latin backgrounds. While we may marvel at the finished product, for business partners Tamy Potasz and Pierre-Emmanuel Rouzineau, Abigail is the culmination of many years hard work; sourcing manufacturers, developing contacts and solidifying the brand’s identity.

Abigail Shoes. Heaven Has Heels

Launched in Paris in 2011, it is one of many independent footwear brands harnessing the manufacturing power of Brazil maintaining a code of ethics in regards to the brands carbon and social footprint. Here, you’ll find quality construction and design that creates an “off beat preppy look” for those who refuse to settle for uninspired heels.
Whilst at Sole Commerce in Midtown Manhattan designer Tamy Potasz talked us through some of the strong points of the brands—interrupted several times by retailers keen to learn more.

“Abigail shoes are handmade in collaboration with professional craftsmen who present exceptional skills that set them apart from the industrialized world,” explains Potasz. “It took us some time to find the great collaborations we have today, but it remains one of our strongest selling points.”          

 A former architect, Tamy Potasz recognized the need for colorful, practical fashion footwear that was Eco-conscious and ethically made. Teaming up with business partner Rouzineau, the pair immediately found success with buyers (and consumers) due to the brands distinct look and comfortable construction. They harnessed the best of their French and Brazilian origins to create a strong brand identity from the outset immediately targeting international markets traveling around the world to various trade shows to spread the joy. Learning and shaping Abigail’s international offerings along the way.

“Each country gravitates to different things,” says Potazs. “For us, it is very interesting to observe these differences and  great to see that by Abigail can fit different people with a variety of tastes and references.”

Far from an overnight success, expect to see Abigail in stores in the U.S. very soon. “The success for us, is the result of a lot of work, of great collaborations and all the joy we feel by Abigail.” This is one brand who is destined to deliver joy one sole at a time. — ANGELA GILLTRAP