Heaven Has Heels is a monthly, interactive digital publication based in New York City that caters to lovers of luxury footwear and accessories. Launched in Fall 2012, it quickly became a cult hit attracting over 20 million impressions on alone. Today, you can find us on Issuu, Magzter, HPMagCloud and Yumpu. Our readers love to travel, dine, experience new and conversation worthy events and of course, shop.

Angela Gilltrap | Editor-In-Chief

Angela Gilltrap is the author of four books, two television series’, several documentaries and countless articles for publications internationally. She is an award-winning content strategist who has been instrumental in the online, social media, print and publishing growth of numerous corporations and continues to lecture at various institutions on the value of cohesive content strategies across multi-media platforms.

As a leader in this field, she created the first-ever, interactive fashion accessory magazine exclusively for the iPad, with custom interactive, retail-driven fashion publications for various retailers worldwide. She played an integral part in the launch of dance-based television programming worldwide and her autobiography, Sunshine On Sugar Hill (Harper Collins) is currently optioned for a movie and is part of the Reader's Digest Encounters, Best Non-Fiction Series. She likes her heels as high as her standards.

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May your standards be as high as your heels
— Angela Gilltrap, Editor-In-Chief