BEJEWELED: Black Lace Skin Jewelry


Inspired by your favorite cult hits, we caught up with Black Lace Skin Jewelry co-founder, Mary Anne Richman, to talk style, inspiration and the allure of skin jewelry.

What was the inspiration behind Black Lace Skin Jewelry? I’ve had this idea for years. As a jewelry designer, I loved the idea of creating a line of skin jewelry that would work with my existing line of high-end, high karat jewelry. The combination of real jewels with beautiful skin jewels creates such a dramatic, unique look—and adds conversation capital to your life.

Why now? Trends have changed so much; tattoos are finally mainstream. I wanted to create a line of skin jewelry that would bling up your existing tattoos for special occasions, or if you didn’t have a tattoo, you could enjoy the fantasy of wearing one for a few days and then remove it. It’s a line of skin jewelry that’s edgy and makes you feel seductive and sexy!

How do you come up with the designs? I partnered with award-wining graphic designer, Bonny Katzman, and together we explored the concept of a line of skin jewels based on Medieval times, but with a hip modern twist. Inspired by shows like Game of Thrones and the Tudors, our pieces include classic fleurs-de-lis, royal crowns, romantic roses and hearts, gothic crosses, winged armor, snakes, thorns, and feathers. All decorated with tiny Swarovski crystals; these sexy, sparkling adornments slide easily onto the skin.

Black Lace Skin Jewelry is hypo allergenic and FDA Compliant, was that an important element for you? Yes, all our inks and adhesives are FD&C compliant. This was an important part of the product development, as we did not want our customers to have any skin reactions to our product. I cannot speak to my competitor products, but we thought it to be a vital part of our offering.

Have you been surprised by the industry feedback? The feedback has been overwhelming! The moment you place a skin jewel on a person’s skin they are instantly in love and addicted to the product. Wherever I go wearing my skin jewelry, I am stopped and asked about it. It’s such a beautiful, sparkly adornment that makes you feel really sexy! The cool thing about the product, we’ve found, is that it has no age limits, everyone loves it and loves to wear it.  

What was the biggest challenge in launching Black Lace Skin Jewelry? I would say the biggest challenge has been, not enough hours in the day. It’s an endless amount of work building a new brand. It’s both very exciting but at the same time pretty grueling. Fortunately, I have found the right partner. Bonny and I perfectly compliment each other. From product development, package design and manufacturing, to aligning with the right celebrities and events, we both bring our unique skills to the table. It’s been quite a ride, but we are thrilled with the results so far.

What has been your favorite Black Lace Skin Jewelry moment so far? I would say nothing could surpass being on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York as part of Malan Breton’s stunning 2014 Collection (right). We had just launched the company two weeks previously and had gotten the opportunity to collaborate with Malan to adorn his models with our Black Lace Skin Jewelry as part of his show. It was such an honor and being on that runway in front of all the press was truly mind blowing… Definitely one of the high points in my life. —