ONLINE CONFESSIONS: combines the best in online shopping with a personal styling service, to bring you curated looks from some of your favorite retailers. We caught up with co-founders Cynthia & Natara, to find out what’s it’s like behind-the-scenes at

What was the inspiration behind The Reign Effect? We know the everyday morning struggle that professionals have as they rush to pull together a look in a limited amount of time or end up just wearing a “uniform” look every day and not utilizing the majority of their clothes. We were complaining to each other about how chaotic our mornings are and talking about how great it would be to wake up and not have to figure out what to wear each morning. That’s when the idea of The Reign Effect began, and we decided to create a service that streamlines your morning routine, saves time and alleviates stress while ensuring you still look fashionable and suitable for the office. Also, we included the concept of providing a curated online shopping experience because we both do most of our shopping online and know that you can sometimes spend hours scouring numerous websites for work attire and end up buying pieces that you may only wear once or never figure out exactly how to incorporate into your wardrobe.  The Reign Effect provides this value-added service for time-constrained professionals which allows them to purchase all the items in the style sets that they desire with the click of a button that links directly to the sites of the retailers.

What’s the best thing about running an online site? It’s great to be one of the leaders of a movement that is revolutionizing the way people shop. There is an excitement and energy around our concept since there are no other sites that target corporate America the way we do.  The Reign Effect is a much-needed service that professionals can access from wherever they are while they are on the go, working or traveling for business.

What does an average day look like at The Reign Effect? Like most online/technical businesses, every day is different and brings about different challenges. We work with our team to review websites for the style sets; coordinate and prepare style sets; assist clients with customized style sets; address any technical concerns or work on enhancements to the site; handle the every-day tasks that come with running a business. In a nutshell, there is no average day, which is what makes it so fun.  

What’s the most fun part of your job? The most fun part of our job is assisting in the process of creating the style sets. We both love fashion and styling so coming up with creative ways to allow people to express their personalities and style in a way that is appropriate for the corporate environment has been a gratifying experience.

Who are some of your favorite designers at the moment? For both men and women, French Connection, JCrew, Banana Republic and ASOS have essentials that are the foundation of most work wardrobes.  Right now we also love Alice & Olivia, Reiss and Mango for women and John Varvatos for men.  Also, Vince Camuto makes the most comfortable, stylish pumps that have the perfect heel height for running around the office and through airports.  

What does the future hold for The Reign Effect? We look forward to the day when companies recommend The Reign Effect to all their employees as we become known for being the first and best service that can save professionals time and help ensure they wear stylish and work-appropriate attire as they advance in their careers.  We want everyone who would appreciate our type of service to know about The Reign Effect. —