Heaven Has Heels | Yuwei Designs

We put Yuwei Lee, founder and designer of luxury jewelry brand, Yuwei Designs, in our Well Heeled Hot Seat.

Sequins or Satin? Sequins. When done right, they can be a lot of fun and still look sophisticated. I’m a big fan of solid black or silver sequin pants. The key is that they fit really well.

Flats or five inches? Five Inches, that extra height gives me an extra boost in feeling confident and powerful.   

Tiny tote or enormous bag? Enormous Bag. I like to be prepared for anything, so the bigger the bag the more I can fit in there.  

Overdressed or under-dressed? Overdressed. I love solid colored fabrics with interesting textures and designs with simple yet sophisticated lines. Then I’ll layer with my bold jewelry to really make a statement.

What’s your fashion mantra to the masses? Don’t be afraid to create your own style. Stay authentic to what you like and just have fun with it all.

If you could be one shoe what would you be? Definitely a Louboutin. I adore the bright red soles, it’s that something special underneath that isn’t always visible, but you know it’s there. — YuweiDesigns.com