It began with a piece of art. Tamie Ingham took to it immediately, so too did her Mara & Mine co-founder, Jasmine Yarbrough. It was by the formidable Raif Adelberg.

Based in Los Angeles, the two talented Australians joined forces to launch Mara & Mine in the U.S. in 2013. Their collection quickly became the “it” footwear brand on the market, worn by everyone from Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner to Chanel Iman and Catherine McNeil. Spurred on by this latest inspiration the pair met with the man himself.

“We found we had a lot in common — a love for luxury and statement pieces and the use of skeletons,” says Ingham.

The result is the “F*&k I Love You” collaboration, a combination of all three personalities blended into one unique range. The phrase originated on a holiday card created by Adelberg which became an instant hit.
“Following the success of the card, I started applying the phrase to various items — the things I love,” says Adelberg. “It was a way to show my appreciation to those who make our lives better.”

The range is available in the Sleaker (Mara & Mine’s take on the sneaker), the classic Slipper and the exclusive Anaconda Slipper. “We wanted to add the use of exotic skins into our collaboration and make it even more luxurious than normal. It worked well with the rest of our fall collection,” says Yarbrough. Lined with lambskin and suede for comfort, these are statement-making shoes for the fashion forward — and those who like the f word.

“It’s interesting that such a positive message can be viewed in such a negative light. I think more people need to say F*&k I love you. It’s amazing to me that a simple gesture can receive such a reaction either way,” says Adelberg. — J.S.