She’s one of the most influential people in fashion — and one of the best dressed. We catch up with the power house that is Emily Bungert, one of Manhattan’s most respected and loved Public Relations gurus and founder of EB Consults.

How did you get into fashion? I have always been obsessed with fashion. From the time I can remember, I was drawing pictures of outfits with close detail to accessories and the full look. I started out working in fashion retail in my hometown (Minneapolis) and began meeting people around downtown that worked in the model agency and hair industries. I started doing some local modeling as well as working in reception at a local agency. I went to college for fashion buying and merchandising, before dropping out early and moving to New York City after securing a retail job in Soho working for an amazing high-end Japanese designer named Atsuro Tayama. From there, I met people and eventually started working in fashion PR for Vivienne Westwood, followed by Betsey Johnson. After that, I worked at PR agencies. In August of this year, I opened a new agency EB Consults with my business partner Stefanie Skinner, specializing in PR, Social Media/Digital Brand Management, and Event/Fashion Show Production.

What you do you love most about what you do? I love the creativity involved in the fashion, beauty and food/hospitality industries and how we get to tap into that to tell the stories behind the brands. I also love to travel and have had the opportunity to go all over the world for work, including Sydney, Mexico, São Paulo, Paris, London, Rome and more, as well as regularly producing events in Los Angeles and Miami.

What does an average day look like for you? In my job, no day is ever the same. Sometimes we are out at events, working on shows or out meeting clients or editors, and some days we are at the office working on paperwork, contracts and billing. We love when we get to be creative and pull images for campaigns and brainstorm ideas and collaborate with photographers and artists. It’s always something different.

What characteristics do you feel you need to possess to be great at your job? You must be a strong communicator and creative multi-tasker to be great at this job. We have to take on many different roles and move from one to the next throughout every single day. Also, you need to be a hard worker and have a strong desire to do only the best work. You cannot be lazy.

Are there any specific qualifications you need? When I am looking at potential candidates to hire, I usually am most interested in what kind of actual work experience they have, rather than what college degree. I look for people who have strong writing and communications skills, as well as good people skills.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to get into this line of work? It’s not easy. I think a lot of people come in thinking this job is all ease and glamour, and come to find out that most of the time it’s actually not glamorous at all. There is a lot of legwork that needs to be done before you end up with a clipboard at that red carpet or check-in desk. Checklists, budgets, spreadsheets, grids, phone calls, meetings, press clips, pitches, campaigns, proposals, press releases, lists, strategies, reports, our work never ends. —