Performance and active wear label, Hiper Australia, is putting the fit back into fitness. This month, we put the brand's creative director, Sarah Field, in our well heeled hot seat.

Flats or Five Inches? I would love to say I lived in five Inch heels—I have a love affair with them—but the reality is I can’t get out of flats. I’m on the run all day, and flats are so practical. For now, my fabulous heels are purely for decoration!

Sequins or Satin? Sequins. There is something mesmerizing about sequins, the way the light reflects off each one. I love how their application can be used in an artform, from vibrant & fun to elegant. Everyone needs at least one fabulous sequined garment!

Tiny Tote or Enormous Bag? Definitely a tiny tote or vintage clutch. I tend to be minimalistic and only carry what I need (lip gloss, eye liner, sunscreen, mobile phone, pen, coin purse). When I carry a large bag my day becomes chaos, I can never find a thing! I always admire large bags but have found my collection to be filled with smaller classic styles.

Overdressed or Under-dressed? Under-dressed with a statement piece. I wear simple yet classic pieces, and tend to go for quality over quantity. I’m an accessories addict and love to add pieces of vintage to complete my look. Wardrobe staples can be transformed over and over with a fabulous accessory.

What’s your fashion mantra to the masses? My mantra: Define your style with a signature look. My signature is vintage & estate brooches, each beautiful piece tells a story and helps define my individual style—I wear one on every jacket.

If you could be one shoe what would you be? I would be a sport’s shoe, designed with a purpose; to make a change to one’s lifestyle. When you put on sports shoes, you subconsciously feel like you can take on the world, your athletic prowess kicks in! Of course, I would be a sports shoe with sequins. HiperAustralia.com