Swarovski Shine

In the quest for the simple life in a complicated world, we turn to technology. Multi-tasking apps, wireless networks, and constant connectivity has been both a blessing and a curse as we aim to strike a balance in our lives. The steady growth of wearable tech products has proved that we can combine fashion with function to help us keep on top of our ever-growing to-do list in style.

This season, Swarovski has joined forces with California-based technology company Misfit to launch Swarovski Shine, a new line of wearable tech products with the glamor and sparkle you’ve come to love from Swarovski and the technical prowess of well-known tech firm Misfit.     

“Observing the high tech market, we felt the opportunity to inject an aesthetic added-value that would turn useful products into on-trend accessories. Working with Misfit was a fantastic experience which ensured us the uncompromised quality we as a brand are committed to,” said Joan Ng, Senior Vice President APAC product marketing, responsible for the project.

At the center of the collection is a faceted crystal stone embedded with expert tracking technology from Misfit. It measures steps; calories burned; distance and even sleep quality and synchronizes wirelessly with an app on the wearer’s smartphone. With a simple tap, the Swarovski Shine activity tracker lights up to indicate not only the time but also the status of activity accomplished for the day. “With the Swarovski Shine collection, we were able to bring our strong jewelry styling point of view, developing versatile pieces which can work with this very practical device to really address modern and multifaceted women,” said Creative Director Nathalie Colin. With pendants, wristbands and bracelets on offer, there is something for everyone looking to add a great piece of jewelry with a purpose. Available in select Swarovski boutiques in China, Hong-Kong, and the USA in late March.


Available in select Swarovski boutiques in China, Hong-Kong and USA in late March.