When it comes to combining fabulous style with a worthy cause, you can't go past Love Shawls. The recently launched accessory brand sources elements from around the world to create embellished shawls, scarves and wraps with an edge. Proceeds from each purchase benefits homeless, mentally ill and battered women by helping to provide shelter and supportive services toward achieving self-sufficiency. With eight styles to choose from, Love Shawls are made with breathable, non-static viscose and adorned with 24K gold or silver-plated Eternal Symbol Charms, semi-precious stones, delicate link chain and espresso or whiskey leather accents. We caught up with Love Shawls' creator Shary Shavalian to talk style, fashion and heavenly heels. LoveShawls.com

Flats or Five Inches? As sexy as high heels are, there are really fabulous flats available in the marketplace today. Wearing flats, I always feel comfortable, confident and fashionable. Plus, as I live in Los Angeles, I am constantly running around, I’m always in my car, and driving in five inch stilettos is very challenging for me.

Sequins or Satin? I am definitely a sequins kind of gal. I love the Holiday season as sequins are everywhere in fashion. When I rock a great pair of sequined leggings, I always feel chic and can go from cocktails to dinner to dancing… The art of embellishment with sequins is always in style.

Tiny Tote or Enormous Bag? A simple tote bag is all I need. It's easy and simple in design and embodies exactly my temperament. I don't carry much in a bag, just the necessities like my cell phone, some cash, and a lip gloss.
Overdressed or Under-dressed? You can never be overdressed for any occasion in my book. I'm a huge fan of fashion, and clothing to me is a form of artistic expression. People will never criticize you for being overdressed, but showing up under-dressed to an event can tend to turn heads in not such a good way.
What’s your fashion mantra to the masses? People are always going to have a opinions on your fashion choices. As long as you feel comfortable, confident and love what you’re wearing, then that's all that matters. Your fashion is an extension of who you are. Define your personal style, don’t let it define you.
If you could be one shoe what would you be? I would have to say that a Chanel ballerina flat embodies my style: Timeless and classic. "A woman with good shoes is never ugly"— Coco Chanel