We put fashion blogger, Xeni Kouveli of TheStyleLove.com, in our Well Heeled Hot Seat.

The Style Love. Heaven Has Heels

Sequins or Satin? I will go with satin because it’s smoother on the skin.
Flats or Five Inches? Although heels have a special place in my heart, I’ll choose flats because they are practical and much more challenging in terms of styling, for me.
Tiny Tote or Enormous Bag? Tiny tote. Full-stop.
Overdressed or Under-dressed? My nature yells overdressed. Even if you’re wearing flats.
What’s Your Fashion Mantra to the Masses? Layering and mix ‘n’ match. I don’t like simple outfits apart from some classic combinations, but even then, I’ll spice up a minimal look with an extra simple layer.
If You Could be One Shoe What Would You be? I would be a Laurence Dacade ankle boot. Interesting, classy but edgy with a normal heel height, enough to give you some extra inches, but easy to walk in and keep you going all day.