Converse has collaborated with The Andy Warhol Foundation to debut a limited edition Converse Andy Warhol All Star Chuck ’70 sneaker. Warhol famously used the Chuck Taylor All Star as a blank canvas and platform for self-expression applying various hand-screened graphics he was working with at the time, in conjunction with paintings, prints and drawings.


“Andy Warhol’s creative output which includes unique works of art such as Converse All Star has left an enduring legacy,” said Michael Hermann of The Andy Warhol Foundation. “The Converse Andy Warhol All Star Chuck ’70 limited edition celebrates this work of art inspiring us to ignore convention and be whatever we want to be.”

“We’re excited to release the Converse Andy Warhol All Star Chuck ’70 sneaker and bring to life Warhol’s original work done on the iconic Chuck Taylor,” said Damion Silver, Converse All Star Design Director. “We’re celebrating creativity, self-expression and of course, paying homage to the vibrant legacy of Andy Warhol.”         

Whether you’re a serious sneaker connoisseur or simply looking to add a conversation-worthy piece to your wardrobe, you’ll have to hurry. Retailing for around US$150, these limited editions won’t last long. Converse.com — NICOLE ROSS