Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin but what happens when you're self conscious of your smile—and your teeth in particular? The advances in the health and beauty industry have meant that we have more options than ever. As the weather seems gloomy outside, we talk SmileSimplicity—the 60 minute smile makeover—with Dr. David Nusblatt.

How important is a smile? A smile is the most important feature on your face as it is occupies a third of your face and projects 80% of your personality. That is a lot of real estate for one feature. Your smile can either engage a person or make them withdraw from you. With today’s dental technology, it is the easiest feature we can change about a person resulting in a significant improvement to someone’s appearance. Studies have shown that when you like your smile, you feel more confident and have a higher self-esteem. So, a confident smile is extremely important.

What has been the traditionally accepted practice in making teeth whiter, more aesthetically pleasing?
Dentistry has evolved so rapidly over the last 20 years from people using baking soda and peroxide at home on their toothbrush to bleaching kits sold in your local drugstore. Dentists typically recommend a peroxide-based bleaching system because that is clinically proven to white teeth the most effective way to achieve the desired results. However, bleaching cannot change the appearance or shape of your teeth as it just whitens them so I always offer my patients a painless alternative of porcelain veneers. With painless porcelain veneers, we can dramatically alter the look and color of the teeth with no shots and no pain.

What is SmileSimplicity? SmileSimplicity is a safe, painless, permanent cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth. Most people don’t want to go to the dentist for traditional veneers because it is an unpleasant experience. It is my opinion that more people would be happy to go to the dentist for a veneer procedure if they knew they could get a whiter, more beautiful smile with the type of new generation veneers like SmileSimplcity that don’t require any sensitive tooth structure be removed. And unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require painful removal of sensitive tooth structure, no anesthetic or shots are required for SmileSimplicity.  Now, you can change the shape, color and appearance of your smile in only two short dental visits with no painful ordeal.

How did you get involved? In dental school, I was taught the traditional method of delivering porcelain veneers and it never felt right. We are supposed to be saving teeth, not destroying them. When I took a course on SmileSimplicity, I knew I had found the answer I was looking for. I could now deliver my patients a beautiful new smile without permanently destroying their natural teeth and I could still have the aesthetics and strength of the traditional veneers.

How does it work? On the patient’s initial exam, I do an examination to make sure the patient has a healthy mouth with no cavities. If any minor tooth contouring is necessary, we do it at that time. This step does not require any numbing shots because I use the patient’s sensory system to determine the extent of the contouring. We then take dental impressions and select the shape and the shade the patient desires. Those instructions are then sent to the SmileSimplicity lab. Each tooth is custom made for the patient and in two weeks we get them back. On the patient’s second appointment, we cement the veneers in place and the patient walks out of my office with their new, beautiful and painless smile. I will often do some final tweaking and adjusting within the week after to make sure the fit is complete and ideal.  

Can anyone use SmileSimplicity? Yes, almost everyone can have SmileSimplicity. If the patient has a healthy mouth free from cavities or decay and proper bite relationship, then a dentist can fit your teeth for painless porcelain veneers. To find out more head to SmileSimplicity.com