Trying to find the perfect perfume for you? With thousands of fragrances on the market today, it’s like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. So we turned to the stars for heavenly advice on finding your ideal fragrance; the only thing you need to know is your astrological sign. Whether you seek love, wealth, or fame, our top picks will help you shine like the brightest stars above.

“Fragrance speaks to our emotions,” says astrologer Susan Miller, author of The Year Ahead and Planets and Possibilities. She offers suggestions to women and men for astrologically appropriate fragrances, noting that every sign has its own scent personality. For example, Leos are expressive and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Leo woman will adore rich, look-at-me fragrances. Pisces women enjoy the classics, and are attracted to traditional scents, especially the tried-and-true vintage perfumes. Whether you’re a luxury-loving Taurus or a sporty Sagittarius, there’s a fragrance for you destined in the stars. — JAN MORAN

Aries As a spring fire sign, the Aries woman derives excitement from diamonds and all shades of red. Aries will adore rich rose fragrances, especially those with a warm woods finish such as sandalwood or cedarwood. Tulips and amaryllis also rank high with this classy woman.

Taurus “Venus-ruled Taurus women simply never have enough perfumes,” Miller says. This earth sign loves opulence and beauty and is drawn to soft floral Oriental scents, especially those with violet, jasmine, and lavender.

Gemini A child of spring, the Gemini woman adores cheerful flowers and sunny fruits. Miller adds, “Lily-of-the-valley is one of Gemini’s favorite flowers.” Yellow is one of her favorite colors, so daffodils and daisies rank high, too.

Cancer The water sign of Cancer loves armfuls of pearls and light summery florals. “Send her white roses, acanthus, or gardenias, or plant bulbs of whites or narcissus for her garden,” Miller says.

Leo Often larger than life, the fiery summer sign of Leo loves life’s center stage. Dozens of red roses, ruby jewels, blood oranges, and smoky incense enchant those born under this expressive sign.

Virgo The Virgo woman craves order and embraces the classics. Fresh and summery is her style. She finds lemon, rosemary, lily, and lavender fragrances inviting and invigorating.

Libra The autumn sign of Libra loves airy florals. “The Libra woman,” Miller explains, “uses perfumes and body lotions as part of her allure – she can never have too many.” She adores orchids, narcissus and freesia; she likes a dash of sage in her food, and musk in her fragrance.

Scorpio “Scorpio women adore shades of red and spicy floral scents,” Miller says. “Her signature perfume is musk or a haunting floral Oriental.” Think hibiscus, spiced rose, amaryllis, and ginger for this autumn child.

Sagittarius The Sagittarian woman is active, involved, and sporty, and wants fragrances that will keep pace with her energetic lifestyle. She loves shades of deep purple and blue, and is partial to violet, rosemary, and carnation.

Capricorn This winter child of the earth loves rich, complex aromas. “For fragrance, she prefers classic scents from France,” Miller says. Imagine holly berries, African violets, rich jasmine, and luscious roses.

Aquarius The Aquarius woman always knows the latest styles and modern gadgets, but she has a vintage side, too. Eclectic in her tastes, she enjoys an exotic mix of hydrangea, bird of paradise, and Russian leather.

Pisces The visionary Pisces loves angels, water, and winter whites. She adores classic floral bouquets but likes a dash of patchouli or incense to warm white floral bouquets of jasmine, lily, and narcissus.