Your arms and legs certainly pull their weight, but only your feet do so literally. Plus, with the changing seasons, we’re set for a wave of new, head-to-toe fashion trends. What many don’t realize is that drastically changing your footwear from boots, to sneakers, to sandals can potentially wreak havoc on your feet.

Men are especially likely to ignore their feet—believing that foot care is an issue more suited to women. But even the slightest change in support can compromise your body’s foundation. These exercises will not only reduce the signs of aging on your feet, they’ll redistribute your weight more evenly and help with issues like back pain and poor posture.

There are over 100 muscles and tendons that control this oft-overlooked extremity. The following exercises come recommended from celebrated New York podiatrist Suzanne Levine. They can all be done at home or work—provided you have your own office or a very easy-going cubicle mate. — InstituteBeaute.com

Heaven Has Heels Fabulous Feet

1. Toe Stretch: Bend at the waist and lace the fingers of your right hand through your right foot’s toes, then do the same with your left hand and foot. Bend your knees if necessary. Pull up slightly and hold for five beats. Repeat four times.

2. Flex & Point: Sitting on the floor, flex your toes towards yourself until you feel the stretch in your calves. Hold for ten beats. Follow by pointing the toes away from yourself until you feel the stretch in your instep (the top part of your foot between your toes and ankle).

3. Step & Stretch: Place your toes on an elevated step with the heel hanging of the edge. Slowly lower your heel for ten seconds. Rest and repeat five times per foot. This is very effective for heel pain. Hold onto the wall, and do both feet at once, for a more intense stretch.

4. Towel: Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you. Place the length of a towel or fabric around your toes. Pull towards you and hold for twenty seconds, then release. Do three sets.

5. Tennis Ball/Marbles: While sitting in a chair, roll a tennis ball, or several marbles, under the ball of your feet for a little DIY reflexology.