Known for his metallic marvels, Valentim Quaresma wowed the fashion crowd at ModaLisboa with yet another stunning Spring/Summer collection. Aside from the jaw-dropping jewelry creations, the styling proved once and for all, that braids are back. We asked our resident hair expert Selda Cortes to give us the low down on this season’s most coveted up-do.

Images courtesy of ModaLisboa | Rui Vasco

What kind of hair do you need to execute the perfect braid? They are many different type of braids for different length hair. Often though, medium to long hair is the easiest to work with. When the hair is dirty, some type of braids are easier to do as the hair doesn’t slip from your fingers.  

What’s the advantages of braiding? Braids always look good, and if you’re in a rush it can be your style go-to. It only takes a few minutes and looks fabulous.

Can you learn how to braid or do you feel like it’s something that’s passed down? Some braids are easier than others. For example, one of my favorite braids is a fishtail braid and I think it’s very easy to learn. Anybody can do it.

We always wore braids for school, how has the braid come-of-age? A young girl might be encouraged to wear braids to school for the simple purpose of keeping long hair out of her face and eyes. Additionally, encouraging a girl to braid her own hair has value as an exercise in self-discipline and attention to careful grooming. An adult braid can be looser and more playful, referencing youth while creating a tension between formality and fun.

What are three tools you need for the perfect braid? A brush, a rubber band, and a texturizinging product. I recommend called Piece Works from Eufora.

Who rocks a braid better than anyone else? I love Jennifer Lawrence’s halo braid! She knows how to rock the hairstyle while looking sexy and playful at the same time.

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