Neely Phelan

Accessory designer Neely Phelan has long been on the forefront of style trends. Her eponymous jewelry brand blends antique and vintage elements to create one-of-a-kind pieces destined to become timeless staples. We caught up with the multi-tasking designer and Mom-of-three to talk about the latest in statement jewelry: hand chains.

What are hand chains? Hand chains are a stylish way to adorn your fingers and wrist together. This accessory type has many flavors of style but has been around for centuries.
What inspired you to add these to your collection of jewelry? While hand chains have been around for a long time, they are also a hot trend right now. Given the demand in the market, I wanted to serve my customers with a set of pieces that made their hands more intriguing. In addition, I wanted to design something unique that could serve as a conversation piece.
What materials do you use? Vintage style plays a foundational role in all of my designs. I love to re-work vintage and found objects such as dress clips, brooches, and rare unique pieces and mix them with natural earth stones. The history behind each vintage element I use make it unique and I love the thrill of finding extraordinary pieces that make a statement.
Is there such a thing as a modern warrior woman? Of course! We are women who inspire and make a difference in each other. In addition, we have to take responsibility to be difference makers. I like this quote from Reese Witherspoon, “If you want to see change in the world, you have to be responsible for it.” I believe modern warrior women take chances and conquer their dreams. We empower each other to do it all and support each other throughout this journey. We are the gateway and balance between all of the crazy things that we tackle in a given day—from motherhood to operating a business.    
What role do you think jewelry plays in our lives? Jewelry can play a personal and intimate role for women and men. It enables someone to express individuality and personality. Jewelry can also enrich someone’s self-confidence and strengthen his or her overall sense of style. My goal is to design pieces that will inspire and make a difference in someone’s life. My hope is that they will be worn and treasured for decades to come. —

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