We go behind-the-scenes at one of our favorite Online destinations with founder and CEO Alyssa Barrie Weiss to talk style, travel and the best in beauty.

What inspired the creation of In my travels to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the French West Indies, my favorite pastime has always been raiding every pharmacy and luxury boutique I could find to discover the best beauty products each region had to offer. Upon returning home to New York City, I was always floored that I couldn't find any of my favorite products, especially in the city where one can find everything! I also did not want my frequent travels to stop me from having my regimen with me at all times. This meant ensuring all of my products were "TSA-friendly," namely 3.4 fl oz or less (I also realized that many full size products are 3.4 fl oz and less—more on that later). Where could I find the very best products from my travels that could also travel with me? The idea for Travel Beauty was born: An exclusive Online destination that would be the ultimate source of discovery for the finest luxury products from around the globe.

What's the best thing about being involved in There are so many! Doing what I love everyday is one of them. Having worked in the advertising world and later at The New York Times, my career has spanned marketing, media, advertising and communications and I have also had a life-long infatuation with beauty products. Combining these passions to create a digital native, luxury beauty shopping experience, has been thrilling. One of the most gratifying aspects is receiving so much positive feedback from our customers. We hear from many clients that they are so excited to find us as we not only offer unbelievable products they can't find anywhere else but we also provide comprehensive product guidance and advice as well as superb customer service which makes them feel pampered and special. When Travel Beauty's customers are delighted, so am I!

What does an average day on the job look like for you? Every day is completely different. I am an early riser and am usually at my computer, Nespresso in hand, by 6:15am. The beauty business is not as glamorous as it may sound. While traveling the world scouting out new beauty finds is one of my favorite things in life—truly, much of a typical day is devoted to crafting, planning and tweaking marketing and advertising initiatives and developing technology to make Travel Beauty even better. We are continually reexamining the Online shopping experience from the customers' perspective, in the hopes of creating a warmer, more personalized environment that feels like a one-on-one consultation. This includes many different touch points, one of which is providing easy to find product guidance and beauty and wellness services recommendations.
    Claire McCormack, Travel Beauty's Chief Content Officer heads up content creation for the site. We're really proud of what we publish. Providing expert guidance on products and services is an important part of creating a comprehensive beauty shopping experience. We are passionate about beauty products and services and are not afraid to share our secrets, even the seemingly taboo ones.

What are some of you favorite travel products? Travel Beauty has redrawn the lines of what is considered travel size. We abide by the TSA's definition, which is 3.4 fl oz or less. Though travel size typically conjures a visual of miniature size products, the truth is that many full size products fall into these parameters. Most full size face creams and serums, for example, are 1.7 fl oz or less, the manufactures don't market them as travel size but we do. With that in mind, like many frequent flyers, I favor traveling light but don't like to skimp on my regimen so I tend to gravitate towards products that are master multi-taskers.

What’s new and exciting for in 2015? We are in the process of on-boarding some new brands Be on the lookout for Emma Hardie, an organic skin and body care brand from the UK, Binchotan Charcoal, a charcoal based product line from Japan, Sapelo Skin Care, an all natural, ultra luxe line from Savannah, GA and others.