Summer isn’t always your hair’s best friend but this season, the high pony is making a comeback. On the catwalks of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, designer Maria Escote paired her urban street-chic with the power pony for a formidable fashion look. We asked our resident hair expert Selda Cortes to give us the low-down on this season’s most coveted up-do.

What’s the best thing about the power pony? The best thing about a high ponytail—or the power pony—is that it helps keep you cool. High ponytails are very practical for women with medium to long hair, particularly when the summer heat makes you want to keep your hair away from your skin. It can be fashionable when it is used to expose a woman’s nape or draw attention to the open back on a dress.

Why do you think the power pony is a great summer hair style? Because it keeps you fresh, it’s easy to do, and in general it works for everyone.

What tools do you need for the perfect power pony? This one is a simply style. You’ll need a brush, a rubber band, and hairspray. Any products you would recommend to achieve this hair style? A must-have product is hairspray but there is a product from Eufora that I really like for finishing, it’s called Pure Polish. It helps you to keep it sleek, control the flyaways, while providing a shiny finish.

Do you think the power pony is something we are going to see a lot of this summer? I think this past winter we’ve seen many long styles, including ballerina buns and low ponies. These continue to be popular. Many women will want to retain their length while staying comfortable in the heat, so I think we should see many high ponytails this summer.