Lime and Vine brings together two of our favorite things; style and comfort. The contemporary knitwear label pairs luxurious fabrics with flattering designs for the ultimate in casual chic. This month we put Brand Director, Young Chung-Stuart in our Well Heeled Hot Seat to talk style, comfort and those extra few inches. — LimeandVine.com

Flats or Five Inches? If the flats aren’t my Chloe Susanna boots, sneakers (Chucks, Vans or Nikes), or flips-flops (Havianas), then I am a five incher all the way.
Overdressed or Under-dressed? I would say under-dressed, though being under-dressed is being “over”dressed sometimes. Does that make sense? In all honesty, if you are armed with confidence and just be yourself, you can never really be under-dressed now can you? After all, it’s the person that makes the clothes, not the other way around.
Satins or Sequins? Gimme the sequins and in gold! Again, I am pretty laid back, but if I’m going to go glitzy, then let’s go big or go home! Also, I can have gaudy tendencies from time to time. Not to say that sequins are, but you know what I mean.
Enormous Bag or Tiny Tote? Enormous bag. I am a mom and I need to make sure I’m armed with all necessities at all times! Though I never really did the small tote thing pre-baby either.

What’s Your Fashion Mantra to the Masses? Wear the clothes honey, don’t let them wear you. Be yourself, be free, be comfortable. Being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest accessory to any outfit.
If You Could be One Shoe What Would You Be? I would be the Chloe Susanna boot. It’s comfortable, goes with everything, is classic, but has the perfect amount of edge.