Simonetta Lein

Born and raised in Northern Italy, Simonetta Lein has traveled the world—in great shoes. Now based in Philadelphia, we put the always-stylish fashionista in our Well Heeled Hot Seat.

Flats or five inches? I’m a sky high, neck breaking, high heel kind of gal. I love how I look and feel when I wear them. However, as I am running around all the time and live in a city where I do a lot of walking, I have to cheat and wear flats to survive.  But, take me dinner, and I'll risk breaking my neck in order to rock my serious stilettos.
Satin or sequins? Sequins all the way. It’s all about the sparkle!
Tiny tote or enormous bag? My husband teases me as I tend to bring everything with me in my bag, including the kitchen sink. I normally carry an enormous bag so that I am prepared for anything. Yet, when I’m going out to a fancy dinner or an event, and a tiny tote is necessary to complete my look, I’ll deal with it; I end up having to sit on it most of the night to keep it closed, but hey, sometimes you have to work hard for fashion.
Overdressed or under-dressed? Overdressed always. That's the Italian in me.
What's your fashion mantra to the masses? If you impress yourself you are going to impress others. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say: “Damn… I look GOOD!” When you look and feel truly amazing, you can conquer the world.
If you could be one shoe, what shoe would you be? A colorful pair of sparkly and nail headed ballerina flats. Forever young!