We can all agree that Online shopping is a huge part of our consumer destiny. The problem is, with so many options; it’s easy to become overwhelmed. is a ‘fashion discovery engine’ that connects you to your favorite products. We chatted with CEO Shannon Edwards about style, shopping and the future of fashion. —

What inspired the creation of Styloko? The founders of Styloko felt that there had to be a better way to help women discover new fashion, and so they have worked to develop technology and tools, such as our new app The WantList, to help women sort through the millions of fashion products available Online today.

How much time did you spend in development? The site development process has been one of ‘iteration’—we’ve been live for nearly four years but have evolved with the advancement and integration of technology advances in the space. We have a team of developers and data scientists who work every day to be ahead of the curve. They have created an advanced algorithm and visual technology that finds similar products and a new app, called The WantList that lets consumers discover new products.

What is your background? I’ve been in the consumer Internet space since 1999. I previously started my career as a journalist and have used the innate curiosity and interest in telling stories to chase exciting opportunities at Internet companies. I have spent time in marketing at Netflix and eBay’s in San Francisco. I then launched and grew ShopStyle in Europe; after nearly five years I moved on to projects at companies such as Vestiaire Collective and Fashion Rocks. I’ve been CEO of since Autumn 2014.

How do you think technology has influenced the way in which we shop? Technology has caught up to our needs as shoppers. It’s transformed the way we shop but more importantly, it’s transformed the way that our commerce needs have become seamlessly integrated into all aspects of our lives. Sometimes it’s nice to wander around a store and other times, it’s easiest to find something and have it delivered that day. When you start overlaying mobile, it becomes about using the moments of life—commutes, times in line at Starbucks, meeting friends at a restaurant—into opportunities to discover new brands and products. What’s exciting now, is how a woman lives a ‘multi-device lifestyle,’ where one device picks up where the other left off. So you can ‘shop’ any time of the day whether commuting or waiting for the kids to finish ballet. This is something we are aiming to crack, with the launch of the WantList—recognizing a busy woman’s need to shop the right device at the right time.

What’s been your biggest coup to date in terms of innovative offerings? Nothing has excited our team more than the foray into mobile. It’s given us an opportunity to highlight some of our most exciting tools—such as visual search technology which allows you to ‘find the look for less,’ to giving products center stage with a full-screen swiped-based interface. By swiping through the products on our site, Styloko learns what you are interested in, it also helps retailers better understand what customers are looking for.

What exciting developments do you have planned for 2015? We will continue to refine and delight via our mobile app and have plans to further take innovation in discovery to the next level. It’s a phenomenally exciting time to help busy women find what they are looking for.