A PIECE OF MAGIC: Meredith Markworth-Pollack from Reign

The popularity of historical dramas—from the Tudors to Vikings—continue to memorize viewers. Meredith Markworth-Pollack Costume Designer from the hit Reign is headed to MAGIC to talk style, inspiration and the joy of dressing a Queen.

How did you get involved with MAGIC? I was invited by Matchbook for the Costume Designer's Young Hollywood Panel.

Have you ever been to MAGIC before? It's my first time to MAGIC and I'm most looking forward to discovering new lines and meeting designers. I really enjoy one-on-one relationships with brands that I use on my shows.

What are the main points you will share with guests during the panel? The main question I'm asked from up and coming designers and PR agencies is how to get their collection on a show. I'm happy to discuss the protocol I most appreciate and also explain how the production works on our end. Why we have to hold on to samples for a longer period of time and how can everyone benefit through social media.

Reign’s wardrobe offers such a deep sense of history. Do you have go to designers that are reminiscent of that time period? For Reign I'm definitely most attracted to collections that emulate a romantic, vintage look. However it's surprising how simply styling a piece a "different" way can change the whole look of something- even make it reminiscent of the 16th Century. Plus the baroque, regal look is such a trend right now so it's really not hard to find pieces that will work on the show.

How do the other characters attire play off of Mary’s attire? Mary will always be the fiercest dressed character. She is a warrior. But she is also a lover and I play around quite a bit with mixing the two aesthetics on her. Lace and Leather as I like to call it. I keep her in a lot of blacks, creams, and metallics. I design a bit lighter for the other women at court—lots of florals, gem tones, and more playful fabrics like silk chiffon's and brocades.

What can we expect to see if Season 3 of Reign? How will the character’s fashions have evolved? Season 3 centers around The Three Queens—Mary Queen of Scots, Catherine de Medici, and Queen Elizabeth the First. Each woman is strong and independent in their own right and facing enormous challenges. Their wardrobe serves as their armor, protecting them from the male dominated court. But we also get to see intimate moments in their lives- affairs of the heart, struggles with close friends, and significant losses. Their costumes simply reflect the day ins and outs of their complicated lives.