When it comes to vivid prints and luxurious wraps, look no further than ShawLux. The New York based, brother and sister duo, have forged a budding empire producing custom prints and fine quality shawls and scarves made from the highest grades of cashmere, silk and micromodal. We caught up with managing director Nick Gyani to talk style, business and family love.

How did ShawLux come about? The company was started by Annu in 2009. After being laid off in the 2008 financial crash, she spent some time traveling. Her passion for traveling and fashion was the foundation of the company—specifically starting a line that drew a balance between traditional Indian fabrics and modern trends.

Did you ever expect seven years on, that this would be your life? Absolutely not. Seven years ago, I was working full-time as a corporate salesperson and helping out Annu part-time. Over the years the brand (and sales) have grown a great deal, to the point where I wouldn’t have imagined! After being in the industry for a few years now, I’m starting to see there’s still much room for improvement and additional growth.  

Working with family, a good or a bad thing? A little bit of both! There are times where it’s amazing, and there are times where we want to strangle each other. There were certainly growing pains and more arguments in the beginning. Now that we have been working together for years, it seems to be getting easier and easier. We both have this sort of unspoken agreement and understand who is responsible for what within the company. Of course, some of it is on paper as well!

What do you think sets Shaw Lux apart? What really sets us apart is the quality of our product, the originality of the collection, and the customer service we provide. In addition, our ability to custom print for our clients with low minimums is huge and extremely rare in the industry. We focus on sourcing the highest quality fabric and ensure all of our clients are completely satisfied with the product. Part of our collection is handmade in India—products that are original and unique, yet fit with current trends. Our ability to custom print with low minimums has really helped the brand grow. We want small boutiques, museums, and non profits to be able to afford to do unique things, such as custom print scarves—low cost and low minimums is the only way this can be accomplished.

We're obsessed with your digital prints, who gets to decide which prints are used? Although the line has expanded to much more, digital prints is still our specialty! Annu is the lead designer, so the majority of the prints are designed and chosen by her. Many times though, we get input from our clients and build out the line based on their needs. Photos are taken by Annu, purchased from professionals, and submitted by fans and followers to use on the digital prints!

What exciting developments do you have in the works for 2016 and beyond? We are looking forward to continuing to grow! We are excited to be working on many custom printing projects for many clients, both large and small. Expect to see a great deal of new handmade products, as well as continued expansion of our digital prints. Of course, I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you that you can expect a brand new, never before seen collection by the end of the year.