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From free charging stations to curated packing lists, travel apps have come a long way. Here are six we know will make your life-on-the-go stylish and stress-free. 

PowermatFree Wireless Recharge 

The Powermat app allows you to recharge your phone wirelessly at select locations. Open up the app, click "Find a Spot" and get set to charge. Powermat locations can be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Connecticut, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, London UK and more. 

DayUse—After Flight Refresh & Recharge

Dayuse app allows you to book hotel rooms for the day rather than the evening so you can relax, take a shower, or just get some work done after a red eye. Rooms are generally cheaper than they are at night, and your stay often comes with access to all the same amenities enjoyed by overnight guests. 

Mobile Passport Alternative to Global Entry

Mobile Passport is the next best thing to Global Entry. You fill out the same information you do on a customs form and are given a QR code the agent scans. Mobile Passport users also get their own security lane, which is typically much faster than the general one. The app is can currently being used in 24 airports and one cruise port by US citizens, and Canadian citizens on B1 or B2 visas. 

Lounge Buddy—Airport Lounge Directory 

Available in over 900 major airports worldwide, LoungeBuddy makes it easy for you to find the right lounge for your needs. Just enter your flight class and any elite status, memberships, or credit cards you may have, and the app will tell you which lounges you can access for free or for a fee. If you have a long layover, you can also browse through photos and reviews of lounges to see if they're worth paying for. 

Postcard—Sends Custom Postcards Around the World 

The Postcard app prints, stamps and mails custom greeting and postcards worldwide for $1.99. Upload a photo or use one of their designs. Either way your Grandma will be stoked to hear from you!

PackPoint—Easy Packing App

Can't work out what to wear? Input your destination and travel dates, and PackPoint will create a weather-specific packing list.  Whether it's a romantic trip away for two or an adventure holiday with the girls, this app takes the pain out of packing.