What if you could surround yourself with fabulous jewelry, work with your best friends, and connect with like-minded women around the world? Well, the crew from, do exactly that. We go behind-the-scenes with CEO Paula, to see how these seven ladies have turned their passion into one of our favorite Online destinations.

How did the concept of come about? The 7 Charming Sisters are not sisters by blood but bonded by work. We’ve all worked together for quite some time. Some of us, for over 15 years. Even though we are all different — different likes, interests, religion, personalities, etc.— we love to work together. When we started 7 Charming Sisters and were searching for a name, it was a natural fit. You can find our entire story on our website,, under “About Us.” It’s called A Charming Tale.

What does an average day look like for you? We’ve been open for three months. As a start-up, we are all still wearing many hats.  It’s a bit of a cliché, but truly, no day is alike. I can honestly say that the one thing that is a constant is a lot of laughing. We joke around so much that I’m surprised we get any work done!  

Do you ever want to run away with the merchandise? Each of the sisters has their own line, and we all get every piece in our line to keep and wear. We have to admit, it’s awesome.  However every once in a while, some of the sisters decide to veer away from their regular style and try something new for the day. They usually end up trying to swipe pieces from the other sisters’ lines from inventory.  Jennifer usually ends up locking the inventory cabinets and hiding the keys. We also have a lot of jewelry throughout the offices as decorations. Employees are free to borrow the items as long as they return it — Except for Kimmie, she always keeps it!

What do you love most about working on Besides working with each other, jewelry is a new avenue for us; something we discussed doing for a long time. Finally pursuing it is incredibly exciting for us. But we do have an employee lounge that is set up as a “Glam Room.”  Lots of make-up and vanities, clothes, fluffy sofas and rugs. We end up having our meetings in there instead of the conference room many times.

What items are you loving right now? The Spring Collection. There are so many fabulous pieces; it’s hard to have a favorite. The collection will have a lot more items that are gold or silver plated with crystals and semi-precious gems. The unique thing about 7CS is we have something for everyone. Since each sister has their own style, each of them would give you a different answer. Two of my favorite pieces are the All Hail The Queen earrings and Dripping in Luxury necklace.

What exciting developments can we expect? There are so many things we’re excited about. Popular Monthly subscription boxes have now been including our pieces to assist in getting our name out to the public. We are also re-designing our website to include a new Style Quiz to help our customers determine which line suits them the best. Our most exciting upcoming development will be several interactive features on the website that our customers will love.