Dance like no one is watching. That's exactly what we did. In a deserted car park, in the middle of Portugal, we let ourselves get lost in the music. And it was perfect.

Sometimes in life, music is the only thing that can cure a broken heart and uplift a damaged soul. It has the power to transcend words and move us in ways that defy explanation.

In this, our Music Issue, we explore the role it plays in our lives. From literal inspiration—as found in the Harp Heels of footwear designer Kobi Levi—to pop influences that shape our fashion. Music is a universal language whose influence can never be underestimated.

As you get weighed down in your to-do list this month, please stop and take the time to revel in the simple things. Make time for those who help you get lost in the music and get up and dance to your favorite song. Life is short; laugh, love and live. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoying reading this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. Until next time, may your heels be as high as your standards,

Angela Gilltrap | Editor-In-Chief | @AngelaGilltrap

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