Aspire 2.0

ClearVision Optical, the maker of Aspire Eyewear, has partnered with Dassault Systems—a leading technology firm that specializes in 3-D design platforms—to launch Aspire 2.0, a fully customized 3-piece rimless eyewear solution that can be used by both optical retailers and consumers online.

Aspire Eyewear’s Aspire 2.0 custom frames are created with the brand’s proprietary SDN-5. Similar to its predecessor SDN-4, SDN-5 is a special durable material that offers shape memory, is impervious to heat, and will not fade in UV exposure. However, this material is even lighter in weight than SDN-4—a typical Aspire 2.0 custom frame weighs about 12 grams.

“We are prepared for the needs of every eyewear consumer, including the ever-important millennial consumer,” said Peter Friedfeld, Executive Vice President, ClearVision Optical. “People today want choice and easy accessibility to both new products and information. And they want to make their purchases their own through customization. This new product technology allows consumers to get exactly what they want and offers the added service of directing them to an optician that can perfect their purchase with lenses crafted to their individual prescription. The service to the individual is maximized at every level of the interaction, and is available at the click of a button.”

Aspire Eyewear’s Aspire 2.0 custom 3-piece eyewear collection offers five different creative choices that result in more than 1 million potential eyewear options. Options include:
12 standard and 6 limited edition colors (18 in total): Aqua, Berry, Blue, Blush, Brown, Champagne, Clear, Green, Hunter Green, Magenta, Merlot, Navy, Pink, Red, Black, Teal, Tomato, Violet. Along each step of the Aspire 2.0 customizer process, the consumer is able to make a different color selection, allowing them to mix and match color options.
Cutting-edge design for the new brand was made possible through advanced 3-D printing technology for prototype development. The final components used to create each piece in Aspire Eyewear’s Aspire 2.0 custom collection are molded, rather than cut on a CNC machine (as are Aspire Eyewear’s SDN-4 frames). For more info head to