Founder, Alfredo Orobio

Founder, Alfredo Orobio

The theme of this season's MODALisboa is "Boundless" what does that mean to you? This year's theme couldn’t be more in sync with our vision and values. At AWAYTOMARS we aim to revolutionize the fashion industry and push the geographical and creative boundaries, opening up the creative process to the digital world.

We want to give a chance to anyone with interesting ideas from anywhere around the globe to create together. Our founding principle is co-creation: AWAYTOMARS is a space where contributors can submit sketches of their ideas and co-create with other members to perfect the design. Designers put up images of the collection they are working on and users can contribute to, advise on and get involved in the design process.

Uniting these amazing people we have on our community can only be achieved with technology which removes the limits of geography. At a time when some nations are looking to build walls and stop the free movement of people we want to build bridges to connect with different cultures and ideas.

How important for you is it to be a part of MODALisboa? MODALiboa has been an incredible partner throughout these years and we couldn’t be more thankful for their support. Since we are not a conventional brand it’s very significant to be backed by such an innovative and pioneering organization. The staff at ModaLisboa are very helpful and attentive which gives us confidence to work and allows us to experiment with different possibilities.

How do you handle the stress of putting together a runway show? As our creative process involves more people than a regular brand we need to keep our participating designers updated throughout all the stages. To handle the stress we try to organize the most we can in advance and enjoy the process. It’s very interesting to see all these designers who come from various backgrounds together in one collection. Even though it’s a stressful period the result always make up for it.

What's one thing people would never guess about you? AWAYTOMARS started as the master’s thesis of our founder, Alfredo Orobio. He started mapping out all the interactions people had on social media looking for feedback on their designs. However, the majority of these creations never left the paper and there wasn’t a proper a space online for them to collaborate. This way AWAYTOMARS was created to help anyone share their ideas and bring them to reality without having to struggle to find the perfect fabric or manufacturer to develop their products.

What can we expect this season? Guided by this year's theme we will present a completely different show. We are preparing a performance rather than a typical catwalk show. Our collection will translate this connection between art and fashion and will be more mature, however still maintaining AWAYTOMARS’ aesthetics.