Alexandra Moura AW18.jpg

Entitled, “I’AM” Alexandra Moura's AW18 collection is a "reflection of a present shaped by it’s past." It's a retrospective of the designer's memories and influences—from her childhood to teenage years.

In regards to print development. the collection is based on three key concepts. Primarily, inspiration is drawn from movies classics like Blade Runner, E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and also from the melancholy and poetry of British rock bands’ spirit such as Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths and My Bloody Valentine.

Moreover, Primal Scream’s psychedelic graphics and Tupac Shakur’s ambitious philosophy, that raised a critical reflection of society, were also a big influence in the creation of prints.

On a third level of development, childhood photographs from the environment and ambience where the designer was born are incorporated as references.

Utilizing delicate tulle, lycra and satin, jacquard, cotton and wool, reinforces a bridge between classic and contemporary. The use of tartan, revealing an intimate connection between the designer and her godfather, former Portuguese ambassador in Dublin, and the gifts he brought from abroad. All-in-all, it's an intimate collection that embodies inspirations we can relate to, packaged in a casual cool, cove-table collection.

Portugal Fashion Week
Styling: Alexandra Moura Studio
Hair: Cristina Peixoto and Team / REDKEN
Make up: Paulo Ameida / MAC
Original soundtrack: Miguel Cardona
Backstage photos: Maria Rita