Name: Adi Lev Dori |

What are you listening to right now? I’m listening to “Lucille Crew,” a super talented international groove collective based in Tel Aviv who tour all over the world. The Crew fuses elements of funk, soul and hip-hop spiced by strong Mediterranean influences.

What’s one piece of jewelry you never leave home without? I usually wear a lot of jewelry; except when I’m going to the beach, then I’m only wearing my engagement and marriage rings.

If you had to choose, would it be silver or gold? Oh, what a tough question! I think tall jewelry has its own personality and the kind of metal that fits it most. I love the versatility of silver; I love to oxidize it and then strip away in some contours to reveal the metallic surface underneath, creating a dialogue between tattoo and jewel. I also like the energy of this metal. About gold, its energy is very materialistic, but it’s a fantastic metal to goldsmith with! Either way there’s one thing I’m totally sure of: encourage people to wear real jewelry made of solid silver or gold, not look-a-likes.

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? I used to sing many years ago and I was part of several local bands, one of them is kind of famous in the local scene, its name is “Morbid Energy.” The uniqueness of this band is that there is no permanent soloist lineup. Among the singers who appeared with the band, you can find local actresses. I remember when we used to meet for rehearsals and when we performed together, it was so fun and I miss it so much!! My dream is to go back to singing and shows, combining with my business; these are the two things that I love to do the most: design and sing/perform on stage.

“Priceless” to you means… Love, happiness, satisfaction — actually it’s feelings and emotions. Also memories.