Designer: Alice Menter |

Describe your designs in three words: Elegant. Rebellious. Distinctive.

How did you get started in the jewelry industry? I’ve had a passion for jewelry since I was very young and, after dabbling in making it in my late teens, I went on to study Contemporary Jewellery Design at university, graduating with First Class honors. After leaving university, I worked on my jewelry as a side line to my day job, but took the plunge to make it my career and launched my label in 2011.

What materials do you most like to work with? Industrial nuts, washers and zips are my signature materials. I really enjoy the idea, that in their pure form, these elements are considered unremarkable but, by working them into intricate, repetitive surface patterns and combining them with precious metal plating, luxurious chain and suede, I can transform the everyday into something beautifully covetable.

What’s one thing jewelry design has taught you about life? On a personal level, designing and creating is central to my happiness but I’ve seen that on a wider level great design brings happiness and enjoyment to many.

What’s your greatest professional accomplishment to date? When I first saw my jewelry on display in Harvey Nichols, I couldn’t have been happier—it’s a retail institution and I felt a great sense of pride being able to count them as a stockist. Being shortlisted by Retail Jeweller as New Designer of the Year in the U.K. Watch and Jewellery Awards was a great confidence boost too!

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? I have a fascination with ghosts.

Priceless means: A strong personal significance.