Founded in 2015, AUDERE LAB is a British accessories company created by designer Niccolò Marchiori. Each piece is handcrafted in a small town in Italy, Vicenza with an emphasis on craftsmanship, creativity and expression. We caught up with Niccolò to talk design, style and all that shimmers and shines.

Describe AUDERE in three words: Made-in-Italy. Timeless. Unique.

What is one piece of jewelry you never leave home without? I'm a big fan of the 'grace' earring—it's pure beauty and simplicity. Not too much not too little. I believe that it makes the outfit whenever you are. You want to be smart, be smart; You want to rock, rock. The 'grace' earring is the way.

If you had to choose, would it be silver or gold? If I had to choose between silver or gold it would be silver. But to be honest I prefer bronze. It has an extraordinary color. It's never boring. Whenever you observe it, you will discover new and intriguing nuances. Last but not least, I feel a sense of grandeur, a link to the past, like a story that is being handed down and it teaches us a lesson.

What is one thing people would never guess about you? I am not the most warm person in the world. I am not at all. But everything I say, everything I do, is felt. Could be a small and innocent compliment or a little gesture but from my side it's a big and honest step.

Priceless is... Priceless are my thoughts. They are unique. My mind, my power.