Designer: Mabel Hasell |

Describe your designs in three words: Vibrant. Personal. Unique.

How did you get started in the jewelry industry? I grew up on a farm in a small country village in Devon. That environment gave me the opportunity to explore and be creative from a young age. I would create sculptures from obscure rusty pieces of metal lying around in old barns. I have always liked the idea of transforming old scraps into something beautiful. My love of art led me to study Fine Art locally before moving to London in 2006 where I did a degree in jewelry design at Middlesex University.

What materials do you most like to work with? I like to work with both raw crystals and cut, polished gems with silver and gold. No gemstone is the same, which means each ring is crafted around the specific shape of each stone, their shapes directly influence the design of each piece. My personal favorite stones to work with are sapphires and raw aquamarine crystals. The end products are slightly uneven to compliment and embrace the vibrant stones.

What’s one thing jewelry design has taught you about life? If you put your mind to it you can make a living from your passion. It’s quite special to make a very personal piece which someone will hopefully wear for a long time.

What’s your greatest professional accomplishment to date? Selling to a celebrity was a welcome surprise! I sold a ring to Stockard Channing—Rizzo from Grease.

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? I’m quite a big yogi, it’s the perfect way to unwind after spending the day at the bench.

Priceless means: A beautiful ring that someone can cherish forever.