Based in Switzerland, Blaastyle is the style blog of economics student and fashion lover, Romina. You'll love her casual/chic style.

You're on a first date, what shoe do you wear? I would go for elegant shoes either high heels (no taller than 7cm) or flats.

What's one fashion rule you always break? Fashion number one rule is to break the rule, so I do. I love mixing and matching pattern and material. However, I am always careful to create a balanced look and choose the clothes that go well with my body type.

When it comes to shoes, how much is too much to pay? Over a few thousand. But I guess it all depends on your salary. I haven’t splurged on shoes higher than 1000 Euros.

Who is your favorite shoe designer? I can’t name one. I have designers I prefer but what I look for first, is an original design. For the upcoming season, I am still on the look for '70s-inspired high heels boots.

If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be? Black, because it is a versatile color, with subtle details and a comfortable yet high heel.