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  • Pages: 74
  • Artwork: 150 images
  • Size: 8.5 in x 8.5 in
  • Publication date: April 15, 2016
  • ISBN-10: 0500544409
  • ISBN-13: 9780500544402
  • Genre: Fashion

A few months ago I was in bed sick. As you can imagine, I don't make a very good patient. Resenting every minute, I set about making the most of it. Armed with my trusty laptop I started researching new (and fabulous) accessory designers to add to our editorial lineup here at Heaven Has Heels.

The level of talent, creativity and courage in this world never fails to amaze me. And what's more, are the amount of designers I have yet to work with! There are days when I will see 200 brands; 700 brands in a week and yet, there is always more to discover!

If you're an accessory lover, you already have your favorite accessory designers who dominate our tried-and-true e-commerce stores, but what about the phenomenal talent yet to be discovered? Who is flying the flag for them? I decided then, to become a match-maker—from you, the accessory lover to them, your new favorite designer. BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know is the result.

Inside, you will find interviews with more than 30 of London’s hottest (and most humble) jewelry designers as they share their inspiration, process, and role in shaping today’s contemporary jewelry world. It's been such a wonderful project to work on and yes, there will be plenty more cities to come! — Angela Gilltrap

Here are some nice things fabulous people have had to say about it so far:

"We all know diamonds are a girl's best friend! Fashion icon Angela Gilltrap delivers with BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know, a design book for every girl who loves great jewelry. It's the Who's Who of London´s best jewellery designers. A MUST READ!"

— Marcel Schlutt, KABULT MAGAZINE

BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know sparkles with interviews and images that take the reader on a double decker whirl through the jewelry designers of note in London. Author Gilltrap has profiled artisans whose inspiration spans organic, edgy, industrial, classic and beyond in an entertaining and informative manner. What’s new, now, and next? You’ll find it here in this lovely book."

— Bjorn Nasett, Fashion Farmboy

"Angela Gilltrap reminds us that London is still on the cutting edge when it comes to jewelry, with plenty of independent designers who tap into the cool vibe of the capital today. Bejeweled is a must-have, because the last thing you want when investing in jewelry is having something that's by-the-numbers and typical: jewelry should be a talking-point for the wearer. What better way than to seek out a designer who has been a hidden secret to all but their loyal fans and jewelry cognoscenti? Angela does us all a service here, even those of us in the press who might get a few extra ideas from Bejeweled alone!"

— Jack Yan, Lucire Magazine

"Accessories tell a story that combines the designer, their inspiration and ultimately the personal relationship by those who purchase these treasured finds. Bejeweled: London Designers You Need to Know, looks at 30 skilled artisans who share their point of view through their creations. It also showcases a bedrock of layers that incorporates the medium they use, their backgrounds, lessons learned and the quirks that make us human."

— Kimmie Smith, ATHLEISURE Magazine