Gigi Hadid in Uel Camilo

Hadid hosted the iHeart Radio awards show sporting a matching crop top and fitted pant set from Uel Camilo. The set featured a shiny, baby blue fabric with a pink and black shattered pattern. The top is a cropped bustier design, featuring a zipper down the middle. The cropped bustier paired with the pants are a form fitting duo that pleasantly accentuate the figure. Overall, the pair create a look that simultaneously exerts modernity while featuring a '90s twist.

Uel Camilo designs are a fusion of Brazilian and Italian influences, and this outfit is a spectacular example of those two cultural entities merging together. There is a shared extravagance in both Brazilian and Italian fashion. As seen on Hadid, this matching Uel Camino set holds the famous energy of Brazil and the pride of Italian fashion. UelCamilo.it — KELLY ARMETTA