Established in January 2015, Coco's Lash Bar is a one-stop destination for fabulous lashes. It offers premium—and vegan—lashes delivered to your door. Founder Jenny Co dishes the dirt on one of beauty's unsung heroes.

What inspired the creation of CoCo's Lash Bar? CLB has been two years in the making, our conquest to find the perfect lashes led us to developing our product line. Woman have a lot to juggle—lashes and delivery should be one less thing.   

What do you love most about being involved in Coco's Lash Bar? Our favorite part is seeing woman transform, a simple enhancement such as lashes make women feel more beautiful and confident.

How did you become passionate about lashes? Like most women, we're obsessed with long dainty look of lashes and how it accentuates the eyes. Our eyes are so powerful, as they lead to our souls.
Are lashes only for special occasions? Our lashes are so versatile, they can be wore on any occasion. 
Your lashes are vegan, is that the industry norm? Lashes come in all shapes, textures and forms - our preference is vegan and animal friendly. We don't need to harm innocent animals to look fab.

Why is that important? This is female operated company on a mission to make woman feel more confident and promote girl power. Lashes are just the beginning.

Who are your favorite celebrity lash-ambassadors (who rocks a lash best)? We love our Youtube Bloggers, they're super enthusiast about our brand and love sharing with our product their communities.  

Any insider tips on applying the perfect lash? The secret is to use a white eye pencil and line right above your lash line, this is practice for perfect placement. Line the lash to white line for perfect alignment.