We all want our perfume to be personal and unique to who we are and our own personal style. So in theory, being able to pick the name of a scent is the next best thing to designing the scent itself. However, allowing customers to choose the name of a new product can lead to some interesting outcomes.

A perfect example, is the newest scent from Demeter, Fuzzy Balls. Yes, you read that correctly. While the company is no stranger to oddly named and unique smelling perfumes (see: Funeral Home and Earthworm, both real Demeter perfumes), Fuzzy Balls is particularly interesting as the company had users vote on the name of the scent themselves.

While the name is fitting for this perfume that mirrors the scent of tennis balls, it still raises the question of whether the general public should have the power of naming products. With the internet recently voting to name a $287 million British polar research ship “Boaty McBoatface,” it might be best if naming things is left to the professionals for now. — MERIAL WILES