How did you become involved in fashion design? My early involvement in the arts—exploring painting, calligraphy, theater, and music—started while living in Beijing, China. It led to my passion for drawing and I developed an appreciation of applied arts and design. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree at The Faculty of Applied Arts in my hometown Belgrade, while studying I worked as an Assistant Designer, Costume Designer and volunteered in museums. After my bachelor fashion show and exhibition, I decided to undertake a Master’s degree in London, where I interned for Gareth Pugh and Erdem. My master’s collection Good Vibrations, is the debut of my brand, Ana Mićković. I enjoy being involved in all aspects of fashion, so I also work as a freelance stylist and as an assistant to the fashion editor of ELLE Serbia magazine.

What materials do you most like to work with? I work with a wide variety of materials, combining traditional methods of textile making with new materials and technologies balances tradition with innovation. I used high quality natural materials for my Good Vibrations collection where craftsmanship is apparent. The essence of crystals and chakras has informed the collection. Their qualities and their geometry have been key. They have influenced the process of shaping and manipulating the garments and fabrics. The embellishments relate directly to these natural elements and reference chakras as a means of promoting health and well-being. The designs aim to be receptive to the elements, and to sensitively express and harness the fluctuating forces of the natural crystal world. The Good Vibrations collection exemplifies how fashion has the power to change moods and emotions.

How does your geographical location influence your aesthetic? I love visiting places and learning from different people. London has thought me to be more open-mined, because of its culture that gives you total freedom which is the key to creativity. Designers can explore their ideas and atheistic without limitations, while my home country Serbia influenced the use of handmade techniques and detail oriented design.

What’s been your greatest professional achievement to date? I have several notable accomplishments in both my education and my work experience. Probably the most notable accomplishment was the launch of my Good Vibrations collection and starting my own business. I feel my greatest professional achievement is yet to come. I am proud of who I have worked for and how many people love my designs. Being able to work doing what I enjoy is what I value most.

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? That I worked in a karaoke club while studying my Master’s in London. All the money I made I spent on materials for my collection. —