Jayda Hany always dreamed of working in fashion—womenswear in particular. Her focus shifted to footwear when she moved from Egypt to attend the London College of Fashion. Having studied Architectural Engineering at the American University in Cairo, Hany had begun to see her architectural background influence her hobby of fashion design. She started to generate structurally based shoes that definitely stood out from the crowd.

“I always tend to come up with complex designs,” says Hany. “I start with complicated and then narrow my designs down by simplifying them. It’s a lengthy process that I find absolutely necessary. I always have to remind myself that the strongest designs are the simplest in showing my concept clearly.”

For Hany, it’s the ability to mix her architectural background with a love of fashion that appeals to her sense of creativity. Her designs balance the latest technological innovations with traditional footwear techniques.

“I tend to mix the usage of Structural and Architectural Design, 3D technology and traditional hand lasting techniques,” explains Hany. “I love seeing the end result of combining all these materials and methods together into a finished product, a shoe.”

Working with a variety of materials, Hany’s creations can seem to resemble a kind of footwear Frankenstein with plastics, leather, vinyl, rubber and stainless steel all featured in one shoe. But it’s this unique take on design that has seen her attract the eye of footwear lovers the world.

Futuristic, diverse and feminine is how this up-and-coming designer likes to refer to her work. “My designs strive to empower women to break free from the norms dictated by others,” explains Hany. “Nothing is sexier than feeling strong and confident.”

Currently working on launching her first commercial line, this is definitely one designer to watch. — ANASTASIA RUBIN