Mere Moscow // Heaven Has Heels

Created and produced in Russia, the founders of Mere met while studying design. Together they've debuted The Frame collection the total result of their vision about the internal strength and independence of a woman through the prism of modern architecture and the history of national suits. 

How did you get involved in fashion design? Like many in our time, we were looking for ourselves. We wanted to do work that brings us pleasure. We met while studying at the British Higher School of Design. Behind each of us, we have more than one higher education and years of work in completely different industries. During our studies, we began to pay attention to the fact that our views on design were very similar and plus there were friendly relations. In the process of studying, we took part in the project dedicated to inclusive fashion-Bezgraniz CoutureTM. We worked together to find functional solutions in clothes for such a group of disabilities as wheelchair users. After that, we realized that we worked well together.

How does your geographical location affect your aesthetic? Living in the homeland of the great avant-gardists, we could not help turning to this source of inspiration. When creating the debut collection, we were inspired by the architecture of the era of modernism and constructivism, and also turned to the history of the national costume.

The Frame collection was the result of thinking about the inner strength and independence of women through the prism of modern architecture and the history of national costumes. Paying tribute to the ideas of formalism, the collection plays by the rules of modernity.
What materials do you most like to work with? Unfortunately in Russia, unfortunately, is not a large selection of factories producing quality fabrics. Selection of materials is very important. At the moment we are in search of a permanent supplier of fabrics. In the Frame collection, there are forms that we would like to emphasize, for this, we need a mold-containing fabric, in our case, this is primarily organza and neoprene. For our first collection, we turned to Italian manufacturers. Many of our products are made of: silk organza, jacquard, wool and wool with an admixture of silk. It is very important for us to use natural and high-quality fabrics in our collection.

What's been your greatest professional achievement to date? It's difficult to judge the achievements so far as while we have done only a couple of steps towards the realization of our professional career. Most importantly, we have launched the Meré brand and will now make every effort for its further development. It's nice that the British Higher School of Design appreciated our works and chose us among the best graduates for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show.