How did you become involved in fashion design? Back in the day, when I was about to choose which college to go, I did not have anything in mind since I was busy dancing as a professional ballerina with a Sao Paulo-based ballet company, traveling all around South America, Cuba and Brazil for performances and training. But I knew I had to go to college, so last minute, researching I found out about Fashion college, read about it and it seemed something that could work. Since day one I absolutely loved everything about it, it was me, it completed my personality. I ended up leaving the ballet on my last year of college for an internship and start working on my career in the fashion industry.

What materials do you most like to work with? I use a lot of gabardine, in different weights, I love silk jacquards, organza, wools, chiffon, etc... I like to play around with fabrics that give structured forms without being heavy or bulky, thinking on the practical side of it considering the lifestyle we lead today, always running around, from work to dinner, traveling and we want to be able to pack good styles without worrying too much about wrinkling it or occupying too much space.

I normally mix different fabrics in a single style, I think it is too boring to make the entire piece of a single fabric, even if it is a tiny detail I believe it gives it a special touch.

How does your geographical location influence your aesthetic? I've lived in different places along my way, São Paulo, a bit in Chicago, London, Florianópolis and currently New York; most of the time in an urban and international environment. It definitely influences the way I design.
I believe like me, many people grow up like that and have these different cultures and references in their background. I think every outfit must be suitable for any of these locations of each women's journey, cosmopolitan and contemporary.

What’s been your greatest professional achievement to date? I think the best is yet to come. I just launched my line in the U.S. last year (2016), it is growing step-by-step. I am very happy to say that women in different parts of the world are wearing my designs. I have clients in Japan, Germany, Brazil, here in the U.S. and the perspectives are to go further.

What’s one thing people would never guess about you? People are surprised when I say I like to skateboard and snowboard, I have this side of my personality that is super feminine, but I also love to have fun in that cool way.

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