Founded in 2015 by Nilyma Khan, YLLIN is a slow fashion label based in South London. We caught up with the inspiring design mind behind one of our favorite emerging brands.

How did you become involved in fashion design? From as early as I can remember, I've always loved clothes. I instantly fell in love with what I saw on TV and in magazines. Growing up, we couldn’t really afford to buy cool or nice clothes so when I was around fourteen I realized if I learned how to use a sewing machine I could make anything I wanted and that was how it begun. The first few things I made were made from Asian saris, they were terrible but I still ran around in everything I made. I then started to focus my studies in textiles/fashion through high school, college and then to university—that is how I ended up in London.

What materials do you most like to work with? I like working mostly with woven fabrics because I find that I am able to create the shapes I am after a lot better. When I studied fashion and textiles I focused on prints which was when I began to love using different types of silks, the colors come out so vibrant on silk. More recently, I have been slowly learning how to use stretch fabrics as well so I can be more versatile in designs.

How does your geographical location influence your aesthetic? My geographic location is very important to me, being in London I am quite lucky to be surrounded with so much inspiration. I am usually influenced by something I see or find, that's how I build a concept. After building a concept I go out and find inspiration by using photography as my main medium to develop a starting point for color and shapes.

What's been your greatest professional achievement to date? In 2016 YLLIN became represented by a creative agency in Los Angeles, since having my collection in their showroom YLLIN’s awareness has been growing in L.A which lead to being feature in ELLE Croatia magazine, this was a very proud moment when I saw something I made printed in an ELLE editorial.

What's one thing people would never guess about you? I can be a bit nerdy, with my spare time I like playing Zelda on the Nintendo Wii and hanging out with animals, up until now I always had a few pets.