Dominika Swiacka | Heaven Has Heels

It all began several years ago, quite unexpectedly. “I was still working full time as a production manager for a British women’s wear brand,” explains designer Dominika Swiacka. “In my spare time, I started creating collages from images that I’d taken on holidays. I thought it would look great on a clutch, and that’s how it all started. From my initial experiments with the collages grew my animal-inspired, bold designs which have now become my trademark feature.”

Originally from Poland, Swiacka has been based in London for over eleven years. It’s something she feels is reflected in her designs. “I have been exposed to many different influences [living in London] including East London’s diverse cultural scenes which have led me to incorporate animal-inspired prints in a non-standard way, much like the mix and match attitude that seems to have been home-grown here in London.”

Production, however, is based in her home country of Poland. She flies frequently to meet with her Production and Manager and Head of Quality Control to assist in every stage of production. “Brand reputation is extremely significant to me,” says Swiacka. “It’s the only commodity that is truly priceless.”

Inspired by the world around her, Swiacka utilizes the latest innovations in technology to print her designs directly onto leather with the aim of delivering that wow factor we’re all looking for. Currently working on two new collections, it’s the creative process that drives her on to deliver designs that empower; accessories that confidently round off the perfect outfit. — JULIA STUART

Dominika Swiacka | Heaven Has Heels magazine