Aura Fraiman Lewis never travels without her notebook. She's never sure when inspiration will strike. Here, we chat with the up-and-coming illustrator about turning sketching into a career. — AuraLewis.com

How did you get involved in illustration? I've been drawing and painting all my life. At school, I studied graphic design and then got several jobs as a designer. But I felt that something was missing, so I started making art again. That led me to take a few classes in illustration and I fell in love!

What do you love best about it? I love the illustration process. When I draw, I feel like I'm playing. I also love that illustrations are a powerful way to tell stories, real or imaginative.

Who are some of your illustrating idols? There are so many! I'm inspired by a lot of different art and design forms. Some of my favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Frieda Kahlo and Maira Kalman.

Why do you love drawing fashion? First of all, I love drawing people. I'm obsessed with color and patterns, and love beautiful clothes. So fashion, is the perfect subject to draw!

What have been some of your greatest career moments to date? My career as an illustrator has just begun. I'm currently studying at a great program at the School of Visual Arts. I'm really grateful to be part of their MFA in illustration, which so far has been an amazing experience.