“Everything starts at the heel,” says Anita Flavin. Founder and designer of Italian luxury footwear label, Ennio Mecozzi. The Irish born designer knows better than most the eternal quest for the perfect heel, in fact it’s something she strives for in ever pair of shoes the brand creates.         

“The heel is what supports the body,” explains Flavin. “All components used, must be in perfect equilibrium and balance with one another—the cut of the leather must be measured in perfect precision to compliment the foot; the leather and materials used must be of superior quality ensuring comfort; the correct grain of leather must be matched in perfection for the shape of the shoe.”

The brand is a collaboration between third generation shoemaker Ennio Mecozzi and international footwear designer Anita Flavin. The two were introduced via a mutual friend and have become a formidable force in the world of footwear. Despite speaking different languages, Flavin says they have always found a way to communicate on a level beyond language.

“Ennio came to the hotel to collect me,” says Flavin of that first meeting. “He could not speak English and my Italian was extremely limited. But I have always found with Ennio, that he makes his feelings perfectly known by his actions, facial expressions and tone of voice. He has absolutely nothing to hide. This way of communication can be far more honest and productive then two people that speak the same verbal language and mother tough.”


Despite a successful career in footwear design, Flavin still gets butterflies when she sees an Ennio Mecozzi creation come to life. “It is a real buzz of adrenalin when I see an idea created in my head become a finished sample,” says Flavin. “And when I’m out socializing and I see a lady that I don’t know wearing the shoes, it’s amazing.”

For the brand’s Autumn/Winter collection, Flavin named each shoe after a celebrity she thought would like that particular style. “Last week, Poppy Delevinge ordered the Poppy shoes unaware that this style was actually named after her,” says Flavin. “When I put together our brand strategy the first celebrity I thought I would like to wear Ennio Mecozzi was Amal Clooney. Amal has already ordered three pairs. So that was amazing, being able to develop our product and within the first season, the results were beyond our dreams.”

Inspired by classic French and Italian styles, Ennio Mecozzi has elicited a great response from industry insiders in the U.S. In the meantime, the brand is focused on e-commerce and existing retailers in the U.K. and Ireland. Keep an eye out for the evolution of this perfection-inspired luxury label. EnnioMecozzi.com — JULIA STUART