MODEL MOMENT: Fábio Oliveira

Image: @fabioficiall

Name: Fábio Alexandre Barbosa Oliveira

Instagram: @fabioficiall

How were you discovered? I emailed my Polaroids and measurements to Elite Lisbon. They got back to me inviting me to go in the agency to meet them personally. From that moment, I was signed with them. I filled out some forms, had some more Polaroids taken, shot a small video and my life changed completely, for the better. Today, I feel happy modelling and working together with such an amazing agency and team.

First show? My first show was Alexandra Moura at Lisbon Fashion Week.

What do you do outside of work? No doubt working in fashion is what makes me happy. Meeting new and different people, cultures and making new friends while working. In my spare time, I do loads of sports, mainly gym and football. I also love spending time with my family and my mates. I'm a lover of electronic music and every time I get a chance I always go to one of the good electronic festivals.