Running out of clothes to wear? Consider hand-making your own. If you’re looking on a how-to guide, look no further than Casual Sweet Clothes: Favourite Pieces for Everyday (Laurence King Publishing), an informative book by Bunka Fashion College student Noriko Sasahara. With Sasahara's intricate style and precision, Casual Sweet Clothes explores the ways in which casual clothes can be designed from scratch. 

The book contains 30 color and 250 black and white illustrations, all of which instruct the reader on how to create a wide variety of casual clothing, such as tops, dresses, jackets, etc. Included with these illustrations are step-by-step instructions and diagrams so that the reader can properly follow along with how to create these types of clothing items to enhance their everyday wardrobes.

Full-size patterns of the clothes are also showcased in the back of the book. The reader doesn't need to follow the exact formula that Sasahara provides, which can help with his/her individual creativity, but it is helpful to have a stepping stone to start with. Casual Sweet Clothes is a testament to Sasahara's talents as a fashion designer. Just looking at the chic pieces that were selected by Sasahara, it is no wonder that in 1993, she won a grand prize in men's fashion while still in college. In addition to winning grand prizes, Sasahara's remarkable eye for fashion has led her to a plethora of opportunities, such as designing clothes for the world of corporate advertising, outfits for musical artists worn in their music videos and their live performances, and in recent years writing a slew of sewing books. All in all, Casual Sweet Clothes is a great book to lay a strong foundation when it comes to a hand-made wardrobe. It proves to be more than just a how-to and style guide. It also proves to be an outlet for which non-fashionistas can use to further their creativity. With the tools and instructions that Sasahara has provided, anyone can use their imagination and create beautiful clothes that can develop their own confidence, sense of style, and identity.