There are many factors that contribute to creating a great restaurant experience. Undoubtedly, ambiance is as essential to an enjoyable meal as the food itself. Restaurant & Bar Design by editors Julius Wiedemann and Marco Rebora (Taschen Books), dives into some of the best and most interesting interior designs of eateries from around the world.

The featured institutions are chosen through the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, the world’s only awards dedicated solely to hospitality design. The book is divided into five chapters according to the continent of the restaurants featured; Asia, Australia, Americas, the Middle East, and Europe.

A hundred institutions are featured in the book, accompanied by photographs of the acclaimed interior designs and text written by experts and judges such as Wallpaper editor-in-chief Tony Chambers and designer Karim Rashid. With information given about each restaurant’s architect and designer, Restaurant & Bar Design is sure to provide infinite inspiration for your own home and design needs. — MERIAL WILES